Blown away is an understatement…

Fresh4 attended ‘The Best You Expo 2019‘ event at the Olympia on February the 15th. Well, we bought tickets for the 15th and ended up going back on the 16th. We knew that we couldn’t afford to miss any of the gems being shared.

There were so many inspirational speakers sharing their expertise and experiences. It was difficult to choose which ones we should listen to. So we often ended up in different seminars. Which was great as we could share what we learned.

The Best You focused on both your personal and professional development.

As a business owner, it was reassuring to listen to the speakers. Many had the same experiences as us on their own journeys. In a nutshell, these included:

  • Being a bit crazy! It’s true you have to be a bit crazy to be an entrepreneur.
  • Friends and family not supporting you (until they think you’ve made it).
  • Having clients that are ungrateful for your time, effort and expertise.
  • Working hard and never quitting.
  • Failure equals success.

Who were the speakers?

Bernardo Moya was the one who came up with the idea of The Best You. He comes from a place of love and wanted to share this with others. To empower people to make a global change.

One of the team is currently reading his book. The Question. Find Your True Purpose. The feedback so far is ‘I love it. The book has lots of food for thought. I am reading a few pages and then taking the time to reflect. Which is perfect for me.’

the best expo 2019 review
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The Best You Expo Review

Greg Reid is an author, speaker and, filmmaker. He spoke about the power of perseverance.

He is an authority on the subjects of perseverance. (No wonder his talk had such an impact). He transforms ideas into reality. Mr Reid has published over 63 books. 28 best-sellers in 45 languages.

His advice was ‘get off your butt’ the but you sit on and the ‘other’ but! Stop making excuses and using the word ‘but’.

Marisa Peer is a well-known therapist. She is the creator of the multi-award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy a brand new and cutting-edge therapy. Currently, she offering RTT Training. To ensure her outstanding methods can be shared globally.

She has a famous mantra ‘I am enough’. These three powerful words can really change your life. Marisa has had a positive impact on many people’s lives.

Her book ‘I Am Enough: Mark Your Mirror and Change Your Life  is a must read. We were happy to get our signed copy!

There were so many inspirational speakers sharing their words of wisdom. And lots of workshops too.

Sharing Gems

Some gems that resonated with us. Whilst listening to the speakers.

The only thing that is holding you back is you.

You were born to be real, not perfect.

  • Be different enough to become better.
  • Your thoughts – think about thinking. Being aware of your internal dialogue. If you are going to think are you going to think small or big?
  • Thought and action equals ultimate success.
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Ask yourself empowering questions. That is the key.
  • There is no they. You have to take responsibility for your actions.
  • Do it now!
  • Reach outcome out of your comfort zone and doors will open
  • Stop chasing the money give the best service
  • If you are not communicating the truth parts of you will die
  • Talk less
  • Kick arse
  • Push boundaries
  • Who establishes the reality? You set your own reality
  • Understanding morality. We are not on earth forever. We have to recognise that life is short. What do we want to achieve and leave behind?
  • Be more solution driven
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • What legacy are you leaving behind? Something you deposit, love, communication, helping someone. Every message that you share is part of your legacy
  • How can you make a difference?
  • What will your legacy be?
  • What would your 90-year-old say to yourself? This is a very empowering thing to do. Your 90-year old writes a letter to yourself. What advice would you give yourself? This is actually life-changing. Give it a go.

Brain Rose runs London Real TV Shared his powerful method of the 9 step Transformation system loop.

  • Idea inception
  • Visualise your future
  • Find and mentor
  • Pay price per action
  • Create your game plan
  • Take action
  • Be held accountable
  • Fight resistance
  • Accomplish your goal

The transformational loop is a great way of achieving your goals. You can have as many loops as you want at the same time. For example, if you want to improve your fitness goals. You can use the loop system. If you have a business idea you can use the loop system until you accomplish your goal. You can have loops for the different areas of your life. Go watch his video from his London Real YouTube channel – take action


There were an impressive range of exhibitors sharing their knowledge and passions. From heart coherence techniques to Revitalising lives through modern science and ancient wisdom.

We met many like-minded people. We met a lovely lady called Melanie Lawson Wall the founder of textcoaches. She has recently launched her business textcoaches. Which offers a 24-hour personalised coaching service via text message.

The atmosphere was full of love and positivity. Developing the person as a whole was one of the messages. As we know a healthy body supports a healthy mind.

The message from Bernardo Moya says it all: “We have a responsibility as transformational leaders to inspire change and make the world a better place…”

We look forward to joining The Best You expo next year.

PS. for more information check out their website:
If you want to benefit for your own self development you can buy the talks here