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Your website is your shop front. It’s essential that your shop looks attractive, has a good shop layout, location of the shop is where your customers are. This can be applied to your website, where you are only concerned that it looks attractive and has all the bells and whistles of the latest web technology. So you have the best looking website, does this mean your customers will find you on the internet?

We develop websites that are appealing (of course)! We add the digital marketing in mind recipe so that your website can be found online.  If you want your website to be profitable then it is vital that you understand everyone browses the internet differently. We are experienced in designing websites that help generate more business from your ideal customers.

Digital marketing is concerned with promoting your brand and what you have to offer. Therefore, we design pages within your website with the user experience (UX) in mind. Pages that have the right content so they are found online. A good web design makes digital marketing easier in the long-term.

Web Design and Development Services

Our web design and developement service is based in Reading, Berkshire and is managed by digital marketing consultants. So you will be getting the best of both worlds. An elegant looking website that converts. User experience (UX) is key when designing a website that is functional. The loading speed is important, we avoid designs that slow down the loading speed as instantly users will leave your website no matter how pretty it looks!

Our priority is functionality, how easy is your website to navigate by users? Can they find what they are looking for on your site? Or will they ‘bounce off’ to another site? We have the tools to monitor your website once it is designed, we use heat mapping technology to improve website layout and user experience.

Web Design Strategy

Our innovative web design team has designed websites across many industries and budgets.

Haris Chechi independent digital marketing consultant will help transform your business online.

Development + Design Process



Once you decide to go ahead with your website. We will arrange a meeting to discuss exactly what you want your new website to achieve. We will examine competitors and get an understanding of what you do and don’t like.



Our design team will start experimenting with design ideas and present a mock-up of your proposed website. We will experiment with the layout, colours, and branding until you are happy that we’ve understood the brief and are heading in the right direction.



We bring your website to life and create the visuals starting with the homepage, then work on one page at a time. We now convert your design files into a functioning website. You get a temporary URL to track the build process. This allows you to test and get used to the new content management system (CMS).



Once your website is finished we will begin the rigorous testing process. We will ensure it is tested across all devices. We will amend any issues that may arise in the testing process. Once you are 100% satisfied, your website will go live. We will host your website and manage it too.


A great SEO consultancy to work with, quick to respond to any queries and questions we have. They have helped increase bookings from our website and have established our brand on social media.


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