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Search Engine Optimisation is critical to a brand’s web presence, just having a website is no longer enough. Websites need SEO and website marketing to drive traffic and sales to their business.

Search engines are the primary method of navigation for most internet users, and are unique as they provide your business with targeted traffic: people that are actively searching for what you offer.

People are now using search engines like Google and Bing to find information of interest or services and products they need as second nature, you need someone who knows how to drive visitors to your website.

SEO Consultant Services

In today’s internet world if you want your business to be successful online you have to take advantage of Fresh4’s search engine consultant services.

If you have the budget, you can pay for traffic through PPC, or paid social media ads, such as Facebook ads. These methods work if you have the right content on your website, your website is optimised properly and you have enough content.

Together with SEO, extensive website marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing management, Fresh4 is a SEO company that will help you deliver your business to the world.

We use customer focus and new developments in digital marketing to develop a SEO strategy to get the best return on investment (ROI).

We also offer website design and development, our websites are designed with marketing in mind. It can be difficult to find website developers who understand the importance of online performance when developing a website.

By working with an freelance SEO specialist who also has web development experience, you will get the expertise you require.

My web development team create websites that put your users first. A website must be engaging and easy to navigate, designed with your target audience in mind.

The user journey affects how a user interacts with the page. The right information has to be included so the users can make informed decisions, your calls to action should be clear to achieve the end goal to ensure that your website converts into lead to follow up or a sale.

The customer is smarter now, so before he or she buys from your store, or a competitor, they do research. And the place they go to do that is Google.

When using a relevant SEO strategy in this process of the buying cycle, your potential buyers will be attracted to your site like a magnet.

Providing valuable and relevant information to the right person, is rewarded with higher rankings by Google and other search engines. This is key when implementing a SEO Campaign.

Haris Chechi freelance SEO consultant will help increase your organic traffic.

SEO Process



We meet with all clients, evaluate the what, why, where , who, and how it was done before. We plugin your analytics into our reports and evaluate our plan for your business.



Our report from the discovery SEO audit gives you the 90 day plan recommendations and the strategy we will be implementing – these recommendations are focused on activity that will give you results.



We set a 90 day plan to implement the recommendations we highlighted in the SEO Audit – content, On page, link building, technical, and citations.



90 day plan gives us good data, from the changes we made, our analysis report will give us insight of what worked. We optimise and make further changes for the next period.


A great SEO consultancy to work with, quick to respond to any queries and questions we have. They have helped increase bookings from our website and have established our brand on social media.


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