Content Marketing

content is text, images and videos, and more

Image your website had no content, it would be useless. Content creation is you speaking to your audience, your words have an influence on people, on their emotions, their buying decisions. Content marketing allows you to control the narrative. Websites, social media feeds, email newsletters and branded digital campaigns are platforms on which to tell your story, generate interest in your products and services.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online, that attracts and retains a defined audience, driving profitable consumer action. Useful content is the core of your marketing. Our in-house copywriters create content that engages and converts (which Google loves).

We understand that creating engaging and valuable content is an integral part of any wider digital marketing campaign. We market your business or brand through sharing educational and insightful information that will ultimately have an effect on their purchasing decisions. It is an ongoing process that is more effective if it is part of SEO.

Content Marketing Services

We create website copy that gets a site ranking in the search engines and encourages conversions. Our content marketing department knows that good content marketing is all about the user. The user will either buy the product or service, have a positive site experience which will gain their loyalty or share your article with others.

Our blog posts create brand awareness in search engines, they also attract new website visitors. Our in-house copywriters map out each blog post to ensure topics, titles, keywords, and formatting is designed to engage targeted audiences and produce the desired results.

SEO is actually all about content marketing. And content marketing is all about SEO. If you want to have great content that engages, creates awareness and improve your Google positioning, resulting in more sales get in touch.

Content Marketing Strategies

Our team of creative content marketers put together an effective content strategy that informs, engages, and enlightens your target audience. This is built around your company goals and objectives, utilising a number of techniques and approaches that market and promote your brand in a way that encourages conversions, increases traffic, and promotes brand awareness. We develop content marketing strategies for your individual business.

Once your content marketing begins we monitor the data, make improvements where needed and test your strategy again. As a guideline, our content marketing strategy includes:

  • Research – a key for us to gain an in-depth understanding of your business. Your search landscapes, and target audience.
  • Keyword research – we carry out keyword research and use the research to write optimised content for your business.
  • Create Content – our aim is to create useful engaging content using your tone of voice. Creating a long lasting relationship between you are your customers which results in conversion as well as optimising your SEO.
  • Spread the word – we share your content on all the relevant social media platforms.
  • Analysis – once your content is posted, we analyse its performance. This data collection is fed back to the content writers and is used for future content to maximise results.

A great SEO agency to work with, quick to respond to any queries and questions we have. They have helped increase bookings from our website and have established our brand on social media.


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