This is a question that we often get asked. Clients know that their website is the face of their business.

They want to be leaders in their industry, they know that if they have an outdated website they won’t stand out from the crowd. This is why the question ‘How often should we design our website?’ Get’s asked so often.

So are there hard and fast rules when it comes to website design? Do websites actually have an expiry date?

In our experience of web design and development, we would say it depends.

  • It ultimately depends on your industry, we would say 3 years max as a general rule.
  • It also depends on your business goals and your competition.
  • It also depends on if you regularly make changes, if you keep the content fresh and make design enhancements then you could delay the redesign for longer
  • If you don’t make any changes then it is best to redesign your website sooner.

Technology moves really fast, and your business has to keep up with the latest trends. Otherwise, you will come across as outdated! If you think of mobile websites, a few years ago no one visited your website on their mobile device. Now over 50% of your website traffic is from smartphones.

10 Reasons To Redesign Your Website

As there is no fixed expiry date for your website. Let’s look at some questions you should ask yourself.

  • Does my website show my business goals?
  • Does my website attract customers?
  • Do I like the look of my website?
  • Does my website look modern or outdated?
  • Does my website look better than my competitors?
  • If the functionality of my website good on all technologies?
  • Is my website mobile friendly, does it look good on smartphones?
  • What do my customers say about my website?
  • Am I proud to share my website with my customers?
  • Does my website attract customers?

Take some time to think about the questions above, pretend you’re a user when checking the functionality of your own website, have a look at your competitions website, is it easier to use? If so why?

Simply put, if you have answered no to any of these questions, then you need a new website.

Should I Redesign My Website?

You know what your website needs, you know your website life cycle. You know if it’s bringing you ROI, or if it’s actually not helping your business grow. Having answered the questions above, you now know the answer.

If you have decided that your website does not need to be redesigned, maybe it just needs an update? You could add images or videos, change the writing style, add more writing, change the colour theme of your website.

If you think that you may have your website redesigned in the next year then it might be wise to wait and not invest too much money in your current website.

If you have decided that your website lifespan has come to an end. Then it is time for a redesign!

If you want to redesign your website, then contact us to discuss your requirements.

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